The human who this note can neither go to Heaven nor Hell. Light calls up a date; theyre heading to an amusement park. Light makes his stalker follow him onto the bus, and then initates his plan. A hijacker appears on the bus, threatening to kill those on-board. Lights stalker who is sitting behind him warns Light not to get up and try anything, and then reveals that hes actually an FBI agent! What Light then does, is he writes a note on a piece of paper, and drops it onto the floor.

The hijacker realizes the piece of paper that was drops, and picks it up, thinking that the two (Light + FBI agent) were writing notes to each other. The hijacker then turns around and is able to see Ryuk! In fear, he then begins firing at Ryuk as everyone takes cover. Ryuk, unscathered, realized what Light had done. He had torn a piece of the Death Note, and made the hijacker pick it up so he was able to see Ryuk. The hijacker then because hysterical, and jumps off the bus, only to get hit by an on-coming car; and dies.

  • Exciting stuff.
  • Everyone watches his dead body in horror.

Lights Entry:

Osoreda Kiichirou. Death in traffic accident. Sees an otherworldly apparition, fires all of his bullets at it, and flees from the bus. Soon after, at 11:45 on the same day, he gets in an accident and dies.

The episode then ends, with Light saying that he would kill the FBI agent next, Ray Penbar. This episode is a triller. I had no idea that Light had planned any of this, but it happens, and happened well!


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